Mastercard® Gold Credit

This gold card offers special benefits and represents an added value for regular clients of Lovćen banka AD and it is linked to a special credit account with defined credit limit. Mastercard Gold Credit implies high level of payment and credit security.


MasterCard Gold Card of Lovćen Banka offers you the opportunity to participate in the MasterCard® Premium program "When Ordinary Becomes Unforgettable: PRICELESS!"

Other benefits:


  • Non-cash payments in the country and abroad
  • Safe SMS messages
  • Contactless payment technology
  • A security chip card
  • Cash withdrawals at ATMs and payment at POS terminals
  • On-line authorization or use of funds when payments are made
  • Modern card design
  • In addition to the chip, the card still have a magnetic stripe, but can also be used in the stores that do not accept cards with chip