Loan based on deposit

Key feature  
  • From EUR 500 to EUR 300.000
  • Repayment period from 3 to 240 months
  • Difference between interest payable and interest receivable is up to 2%.



Security instruments
  • Deposit
  • Bill of exchange and bill authorization
  • Deposit increased by the installment amount, min. 101%
  • Deposit remains blocked until the final repayment of the loan, and if the maturity of the deposit is shorter than the maturity of the loan, there is a possibility of extending of deposit agreement automatically.

* * The Bank reserves the right to accept an alternative security instrument if found acceptable and in line with the Bank's business policy.



 Required documentation

For more information, please visit  a local branch of Lovćen banka AD or make an appointment by phone on +382 20 205 410 or send an e-mail to: