What is required for opening of an account to be used in the national payment system?

An application for account opening

A certificate of registration - registration in the court register, or an act of registration with other competent body, or a certificate of incorporation issued by the competent authority, or an extract from the law if the applicant is established directly by virtue of law

Document on registration with the competent tax authority which contains the tax ID number of the applicant

Specimen Signature Card

OP Form, notarized (certified)

Document on the appointment of the Authorized Signatory of the applicant company

Form for identification of politically exposed persons - PEPs (for Executive Director and persons who are in the Specimen Signature Card)

What does it take to open a transaction account of a natural person?

To open an account or make a deposit, your presence in person is required and a valid identification document (ID card/passport).

How to get an authorization to dispose of balances in transaction accounts of natural persons?

The authorization has to be certified by the competent authority (notary, court).

Customers can do this by signing the authorization in branch. It requires the presence of transaction account holder and authorized person, with valid identification documents.

How to open a deposit account on behalf of a minor child?

Deposit account is to be opened by legal representative (parent) or custodian. The legal representative must present an identification document. In addition to the identification document, birth certificate of the minor is required. The custodian has to present an ID document and the custodianship appointment decision.

What does a legal entity need in order to send money abroad (nostro remittances)?

You need the following documents:

The basis of payment (contract, invoice, etc.);

Payment instructions for foreign exchange account of foreign recipient (foreign recipient's IBAN, SWIFT, ADDRESS);

Completed and signed Foreign Transfer Order (Order Form 70).

How to receive foreign payments to a foreign currency account of a legal entity (loro remittances)?

To receive a remittance from abroad, you need to send instructions for a foreign currency inflow to the person from whom you claim an amount or from whom you expect a foreign inflow.

The Bank will inform you about the inflow from abroad via e-mail.

What does a legal entity need to do to transfer funds from foreign currency account to transaction account?

To transfer funds from the foreign currency account to the transaction account, you need to deliver us a completed application for a transfer from the foreign currency account to the transaction account (on the corporate letter-head), signed by an Authorized Signator

Who can be a user of the Lovćen banka AD MasterCard?

All customers who have opened an account with the Bank may be the beneficiaries of MC debit cards. MasterCard Standard, MasterCard Gold credit cards can be used only by regular customers of the Bank.

What are the benefits of the Lovćen banka AD MasterCard debit card?

Cash withdrawal WITHOUT COMMISSION at the Lovćen banka AD ATMs.

Your account accessibility 365 days a year, 24 hours a day at our and other banks' ATMs in the country and abroad!

Possibility to change your PIN at ATMs.

Checks of the account balance at all Lovćen banka AD ATMs 24 h a day.

Payment by MC card for goods/services in all stores bearing the MasterCard sign in the country and abroad.

Purchases by card via the Internet.

Can non-residents and foreign nationals be holders of the Lovćen banka AD MasterCard debit card?

The customers such as: non-residents, foreign nationals, employees in embassies or diplomatic-consular missions and foreigners with residence in our country, at their request, upon opening of a transaction account, may be issued the MC debit card.

What are the benefits of the Lovćen banka AD MasterCard Standard and MasterCard Gold credit card?

Keeping your expenses under control, paying a percentage of your choice!

Each of your repayments increases your credit limit again.

Possibility of being issued two additional cards linked to the main card account.

Simple procedure of obtaining credit by credit card.