Mission and vision

The mission of Lovćen Bank  is to contribute to the development of Montenegrin companies, support citizens' initiatives and growth of the national economy and to create new economic opportunities. Lovćen banka AD obliges us to participate and create, to change and move, but to stay stable at the same time. Lovćen banka AD believes in the projects of its clients and supports them by simple procedures, loyalty and maximum discretion in order to ensure their financial stability, generation after generation.

The vision of Lovćen banka AD is definite and it has already come true. That is the vision of a unified team – of the founders, shareholders and managers, aimed at expanding and continuing the development of Montenegro. Lovćen banka AD is there for its clients; together with them it analyses the market because it wants to support the development of our country and be „number 1“ banking option in Montenegro at the same time. The team of professionals in Lovćen banka AD will build a joint future with the clients providing financial solutions to them that will help them grow and develop by relying on Lovćen banka AD.